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"Welcome to my Uniform Pin-up Fantasy..."

Hi, my name is Kathy... I’m a full time professional model from North Wales, and thank you for visiting my site, which is probably one of the 'finest quality' dedicated uniform 'Pin-up' sites with the largest selection of authentic original vintage and modern day uniforms you'll find anywhere. I’ve been modelling professionally since I was fifteen covering most things from commercial advertising to fashion and glamour with a few appearances in music videos. I’m also a fully qualified professional make-up artist.

I launched my site back in August 2000, so it's well and truly established. It's owned and run personally by me from my own fully managed dedicated pro-server, so there is no third party hosting or webmasters running things on my behalf, something you rarely find these days. I also produce all my own exclusive high quality content while designing and publishing my own calendars, posters and greetings cards, the only other involvement is shared with my professional photographer/designer husband Peter West, who has over thirty years experience as a professional photographer and is solely responsible for producing all my exclusive photography.

My hugely successful exclusive members fan club is now restricted, with memberships going just to renewals and long term regular members only, so I'm no longer inviting any further applications, a policy that I have no plans to change for the foreseeable future I'm sorry to say. You may if you wish apply for one of my 'off-line' fan club memberships, for full details please click here. If it's personally signed posters, flyers, greetings cards or fabulous sexy calendars you are looking for then please visit my collectables page where you can find a full comprehensive list of my current merchandise.

You are more than welcome to browse through my portfolio page which reflects my love of original uniforms, vintage 'retro' style lingerie and of course fully fashioned nylon stockings and suspenders, however I feel I must stress from the outset, this is not a porn site, its a glamour/pin-up tease model fan club site, therefore if its harcore porn images you are looking for you will not find that sort of material here.

Finally, if you wish to drop me an email then please do so, don’t be shy, I reply personally to everyone. It dosn't matter to me whether you’re a member or not as I would love to hear from you. But... for the 'odd few' of you out there that may not understand, let me clarify one important point, I'm a Professional 'Pin-up' Model, I'm not an Escort, Prostitute, Swinger, Porn Star or anything else of that description and I definitely don't do 'Extras' at any price, no matter how much you try and impress me with financial status, I'm not interested, so please don't embarrass yourself by asking as you'll only be wasting your time as I don't reply to any emails which are written on those lines.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Many thanks.

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Be warned I always pursue copyright abusers vigorously and I also have a name and shame policy.

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